A few of Dr.Dharini Krishnan's accomplishments and achievements:

  • Digest - A Personalised Diet Software, was developed indigenously, and is being used by Dietitians, both as Consultants and in hospitals.
  • Developed a Health Website, the first of its kind in India. It helps individuals and patients, maintain good health through analysis of exercise and diet regimens. It is currently under reconstruction.
  • Published a Book "Appetising Wheaty Treats", for Propagation of wheat in South India.
  • Nutritracs is an unique application for food and exercise diary, available in the Google market, under Google play; to be used on Android phones. It helps calculate the calorie in and calorie out for the day. To start with it has 2000 odd foods with an expandable database. The App can be accessed through any internet browser through the link www.nutritracs.com\nutri
Eat your way to a healthy heart_Press article
Eat your way to a healthy heart_Press article